Gauchezco Oro Malbec

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Guachezco Oro represents the maximum expression of Guachezco Winery.
As our flagship wine, Gauchezco Oro is the gold winner of the winery.
Oro is only produced when the harvest deems itself worthy.
It is the result of our expertise from the vineyard to the bottle.
With low yield old historical Malbec vines in Barrancas-Maipu and with 16
months aging in barrels of French, American and Hungarian oak; It
combines elegance, complexity with a sublime and delicate balance.

 GOro MC baja
Technical sheet . Bottled shot . Label
Gauchezco Oro displays a deep red color with bright violet hues.
The notes of red fruits, plums and blackberries are combined
with notes of cranberry along with aromas of carmel, vainilla
and mocha from the time spent in the oak.
The mouth feel is very well-balanced, centrentrated with
smooth tannins that give it great personality and a persisisnte finish.
Enjoy it with grilled red meats and fine cheeses.
Recommended serving temperature 60°F – 64° F / 16°C – 18°C.