Gauchezco Estate

The Guachezco Estate is a modern and elegant range. Estate is the
true expression of our vineyards in the foothills of the Andes mountains.
Very fruity and fresh wines with superb balance and fruit.
The Torrontes is grown in Cafayate, in the Salta Province, where
reach over 1700 meters.

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Gauchezco Estate Malbec
This Malbec has an intense and lively deep red purple color. Fruity
notes of plum, raspberry, dry fig and raisins along with floral notes of
violets. Complex and harmonious wine, with a soft and velvety entry,
firm tannins and lovely juicy finish.
Enjoy it with smoked and grilled meats and prepared spicy meats.
Recommended serving temperature 60°F- 64°F / 16°C – 18°C.

Gauchezco Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
This Cabernet Sauvignon has deep and intense ruby red color.
Complex aromas of ripe fruits such as cherries and plums,
with hints of cassis. A persistent, well-rounded wine and with
a long and elegant finish.
Enjoy it with red meats, spicy dishes and ripe cheeses.
Recommended serving temperature 60°F – 64°F / 16°C – 18°C.

Gauchezco Estate Torrontes
This Torrontes has an attractive golden yellow color. Intense and
delicate white rose petals and honney notes can be perceived. In the
mouth, it feels fresh and lovely, with a perfect balance of acidity and
freshness and a persistent aftertaste.
Enjoy it with sea food and Thai food.
Recommended serving temperature 53°F- 57°F / 10ºC – 12ºC.