Our Vineyards


Barrancas – Maipú

Maipú (Barrancas) – Premier Zone (at 820 meters or 2690 ft a.s.l):
part of the most traditional wine regions in Mendoza. Dry desert climate,
with predominate alluvial soils full clay and lime.

Uco Valley

Vista Flores, La Consulta and Altamira, in the Uco Valley (from
1000-1100 meters or 3300 ft to 3600 ft a.s.l): This viticulture region
is one of the most prestigous in Mendoza. Cold nights and sunny days
(ample thermic temperature between night and days), low humidity
and alluvial terraces with chalk-rich soils.

Cafayate – Salta

Cafayate is one of the most well-renowned wine regions in Argentina,
most recognized for the production of the Torrontes varietal. It is located
in the Calchaquies Valley, Salta Province, in the north west of Argentina.
With its dry and template climate, this region gives the optimal conditions
for the cultivation of Torrontes.
The bio-diversified geography, in the Salta provice lends to high altitude
vineyards between 1.600 meters a.s.l. (5250 feet) and 2400 meters
a.s.l. (7900 feet), giving the wines great character, strong personalitity
and high quality of aromas, colors and unique flavors.