Gaucho Guide for Beginners

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Gaucho Guide for Beginners

"A Gaucho or Gaucha are male or female Argentine cowboys. You’re tough but also refined. You’re hardworking but you enjoy the finer things in life. You live the Gaucho/a life."


What kind of wine are you looking for?

Red Wine


White Wine





If you fancy yourself a Gaucho/a that likes red wine, and you like to enjoy full-bodied reds at a BBQ or with a savory steak, our Malbecs and Cabs are calling your name. Try our Plata Malbec.


If you fancy yourself a white wine Gaucho/a, and you enjoy a crisp or smooth yet affordable white wine, our Chardonnay or Torrontes is your best bet. Our Chardonnay is not overly oaked or buttery, but instead, it is uniquely refined to be smooth and elegant. Our Torrontes is a rising star that will rival any and all Sauvignon Blancs.


Everyone knows life is more fun with bubbles. Our Sparkling Pinot Noir is one of a kind and brings old world winemaking to new world wine drinkers. Our Sparkling Pinot pairs with seafood and dessert and will bring the story to your night.

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